The Ultimate Guide to Binge-Watching Gilmore Girls


If you've been paying attention to the internet recently, you may have noticed that like, one or two people are sort of excited that Gilmore Girls will finally be available on Netflix Instant today.

As for me, I've lived the Gilmore philosophy of "Eat fast, talk faster, and drink lots of coffee" since I was a 10 year old bookish Rory Gilmore wannabe, so I couldn't be happier. My mom and I watched this show together every single day religiously from 2004 to, like, 2009 when it was on ABC Family at 5pm. I have seen every episode approximately, oh, 30 times (I wish I was kidding). I have very strong feelings on which of Rory's boyfriends was my favorite (JESS, HELLO) and I have the theme song on my iPod. Yeah.

I thought I'd put together an ultimate guide to binge-watching Gilmore Girls this weekend, so whether you're a first time viewer or a long-time resident of Stars Hollow, curl up with some hot coffee and some dessert sushi (you'll understand soon enough) and get to it!

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Before You Begin

>> Cancel all prior commitments, call in sick to work, alienate your friends, and isolate yourself in your room. This is serious business.

>> Get cozy. Seriously: sweat pants, blanket, pillows, etc. Go all out - you're gonna be here a while.

>> Have your phone at the ready to Google all the pop culture references you don't understand. Trust me, there will be many, and they will be coming thick and fast. Stay ahead of the game and you will come out of this smarter and more (pop) cultured.

>> Set your Facebook relationship status to "Watching Gilmore Girls" so people get the idea.

>> Grab some tissues! Now, I'm not saying the show is a sob fest, honestly you'll be laughing more than anything, but there are some moments when it gets really real - if you're anything like me, you'll be glad you came prepared.

>> And bringing me to my next section, don't forget the snacks!



Lorelai and Rory love their junk food, that's for sure. That, combined with the once-an-episode trips to Luke's, and Sookie's amazing home cooked cuisine, means that food might as well be another co star. Here are some great snack recipes and ideas for your binge-watching experience.

>> Coffee, coffee, coffee!



You're gonna need tons of coffee to keep you awake for binge watching and to honor the main driving force of this show - caffeine. I'm drinking a special 20th Anniversary of Friends brew, which is perfect, as it's both a hot, caffeinated beverage and a pop culture reference - two of Lorelai's favorite things.

>> A Burger and fries. At some point, after watching burger after burger pass through Luke's diner, you're going to want one of your own. Take a break and make a quick trip to McDonald's. Plus ten if you go to a local joint. Bonus points if you convince your roommates to pick it up for you. But in true Gilmore fashion, never ever cook your own!

>> Dessert sushi.



Another of Lorelai's ingenious inventions, dessert sushi is exactly what it sounds like - sushi made from candy. Experiment with things like Oreos, Fruit Roll Ups, Red Hots, gumdrops, and frosting. And don't worry, you won't get this one til season 7.

>> Finally, literally every kind of junk food. Twizzlers, Twinkies, pizza, Mallowmars, Cheese Doodles - literally everything. Make them proud.

Fun Facts

>> Alexis Bledel, the actress who plays Rory, actually doesn't like coffee IRL. She spent seven very long seasons drinking soda out of coffee mugs.

>> Liza Weil, who plays Paris Gellar, originally auditioned to play Rory. While she wasn't quite right for the main role, the producers liked her energy so much that they created an entire character for her.

>> Due to the fast talking action of the Gilmore ladies, the scripts for each episode were sometimes nearly twice the length of a regular hour long television script - they were able to pack so much more into each episode that way!

>> Stars Hollow is based on a real placed called Washington Depot, Connecticut (if you need me, I'm on my way there now).

>> Luke was originally supposed to be a female character, but the showrunners thought it didn't have enough testosterone in the first place. After that, he was only supposed to be a one-off character, but once they realized how much chemistry Scott Patterson and Lauren Graham had, he was a regular!

You can read more here!

Mid-Point Check In

After you've watched the first couple seasons and you're pretty far into the plotline and invested in the characters, you may want to take a break to process what you've seen and maybe, oh, determine your feelings about Rory's boyfriends or make a top 10 list of Lorelai quotes.

If you're starting to feel burnt out - or are just filled with a burning desire to know - here are some great quizzes to take in your down time.

>> Which Gilmore Girls Character Are You?

>> Which Gilmore Girls Guy is Your Soul Mate?

>> Which Rory Gilmore Are You?

>> How Many Books From Gilmore Girls Have You Read?

If you're interested, my answers were Lorelai, Luke, High School Book Nerd Rory (all my life, basically) and 63/334 (man, I'm slacking).

This is also a good point to restock your no doubt depleted snack stash, maybe go out for that burger now, check in with your family and friends so they know you're not dead, and then right back at it!

After the Finale

The final episode has been viewed, the last tears have been shed (no spoilers now), and you've come out of your Stars Hollow-induced stupor to realize you've been sitting in a pile of Twix wrappers and empty Cheetohs bags for the last week. So now what?

Now you join the rest of us Gilmore-less sad sacks as we make our way back to the real world - but if you did it right, you should be talking twice as fast, reading a lot more books, and rethinking every decision you've made in your life (along with looking up info on moving to Connecticut).



Will you be following along on Netflix?