DIY Serving Tray (+ How to Stain Wood With Coffee)

diy-serving-tray I've been wanting a cute serving tray for some time now, but honestly, they're so costly! They're perfect for organizing cosmetics, decor, or for having breakfast in bed (which is becoming more and more essential as fall gets closer).

So, as usual, I decided to make my own instead of dropping a ton of money on one from a store. It took longer than I expected, but overall the process was fairly simple - most of the time spent was just waiting around for it to dry!

Here's what you'll need:

-Small wooden pallet or pieces of wood (I ended up finding a perfect little wood "pallet" at the craft store, so I would check there unless you really want to get your handy man on) -Metal handles (for best selection, check your hardware store) -Gorilla Glue -Instant coffee -Large paintbrush -Small paintbrush -Acrylic paint for patterns, if desired -Mod Podge or clear coat of some sort

2015-08-10 15.18.01 (2)

1. Gather your supplies and prepare your work space. I would suggest laying down towels or newspaper, as this can get a bit messy. Next, brew some coffee. At first, I just made regular coffee in the french press, but it was nearly dark enough. Then I found some old instant coffee in the cupboard, and dumped the rest of it into the coffee I'd already made. It worked like a charm!


2. Apply several coats to the wood until it's stained the shade you want it. At the end, I even added a little bit of gray and black watercolor paint to the coffee mixture to give it the exact aged wood hue I was looking for.


3. Wait for it to dry completely, preferably overnight. To make the arrow like patterns, I used painter's tape to tape off where I wanted the lines to be. I coated them with regular acrylic paint, then let it dry while I was at work.


4. When I got home, I carefully peeled off the tape and tried to touch up any edges that got a bit wonky. Once that was all dry, I coated it with Mod Podge to seal it all in and keep it from chipping when I used it.

5. After the Mod Podge was dry, I set about attaching the handles. They came with screws, which was initially what I'd planned to use, but once I got home and realized that screwing in nails sans a power drill was going to be much more difficult than originally planned, I decided to go with heavy duty super glue. I  just globbed a bunch on the handles, then held them in place for a couple minutes until they set up. Then I just let them dry per the instructions, and voila! You're ready for breakfast in bed erry day.