6 Must-Subscribe Newsletters for Bloggers + Entrepreneurs

I used to be one of those people who swore up and down I didn't want to subscribe to a bunch of newsletters and clutter up my inbox. In fact, until recently, I didn't even have an email subscription option for my own blog. But after reading post after post about the benefits of both subscribing to and offering subscriptions for email newsletters, I decided to rethink my ill-advised philosophy and hop on the email subscription bandwagon. [bctt tweet="Perk up your inbox with these 6 must-subscribe newsletters for bloggers! "]

Email newsletters often have some of the best info available out there for bloggers and entrepreneurs. Below are a few of my favorites that offer some really incredible advice, info, and freebies for their subscribers. Go check them out!

1// The Nectar Collective

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Melyssa from The Nectar Collective sends out awesome tips for bloggers and business owners often. I heard about her recent live stream, Social Media Superhero, from her newsletter, and it was a total game changer! I learned so much about social media tweaks that would help my profiles, and I've already seen a lot of improvement in the past several days. Plus, when you subscribe to her list, you get instant access to a massive database of all the e-books and printables and worksheets that she's featured on her blog or in her mailing list (for free!).

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2// Spruce Rd.

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Spruce Rd. is one of my new favorite blogs, ever. Jamie is a graphic designer who also writes excellent posts about blogging and boosting your presence online. Her Lunch & Learn email newsletters are perfect tidbits of juicy information that you can take action on in a short amount of time (say, over lunch). I always look forward to her emails in my inbox!

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3// Kayla Hollatz

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Kayla's blog is a complete goldmine for bloggers and entrepreneurs, and her emails are no different! They're chock full of tips, tricks, and freebies that are completely invaluable to small business owners and creatives.

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4// Elle & Company

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Elle & Co is such a beautifully designed blog and their weekly email newsletters are perfectly transparent about their stats, strategies, and implementations along the way. Who doesn't love total honesty like that? Plus they offer up tons of great tips to implement in your own business strategy.

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5// Olyvia Media 


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Olyvia is one of the best blogs for business owners and entrepreneurs out there. Her emails and blog posts are always chock full of amazing tips and great ways to be "delightful" online, as her tagline promises. I always adore her emails!

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6// Zie Darling

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I adore Zie Darling! The blog is full of so much spunk and sparkle, and that spills over into her emails as well. The info that she offers up is priceless, and she's so full of positivity and glitter.

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