20 Ways to Boost Your Blog in 20 Minutes

We all want to give our blogs every opportunity to grow and evolve, but when you have a blog, another full or part time job, school, a social life, and want to sleep every once in a while, spending tons of time each day on your site isn't always possible.

So today, in the spirit of efficiency, I thought I'd share a quick list of 20 things you can do to boost your blog presence in 20 minutes (or less!)

1// Follow 5 new bloggers in your niche.

2// Update your about page (or add one!) with new photos + info.

3// Sketch out an editorial calendar for the upcoming month.

4// Add new photos to an old post and re-share on social media.

5// Update all social media profiles with new photos + info.

6// Comment on 5 new blog posts.

7// Brainstorm 10 new blog post ideas.

8// Research + email 2 new brands to work with.

9// Answer 3 recent emails.

10// Write a rough draft for an upcoming blog post.

11// Delete all pins with no re-pins on 1 Pinterest board.

12// Respond to comments on your latest blog post.

13// Grab a cup of coffee - your blog doesn’t run unless you do!

14// Tidy up your blog’s sidebar + footer. Remove clutter!

15// Take a good look at your analytics to see what’s working and what isn’t.

16// Add alt tags to the photos on your recent blog posts.

17// Write some short + long term blogging goals.

18// Schedule tweets of old posts using Hootsuite or Buffer.

19// Reach out to a fellow blogger to share ideas + make a friend.

20// Find + share other blog posts on social media. Don’t forget to tag the blogger.

What are your quick tips for giving your blog a boost?

20 Ways to Boost Your Blog in 20 Minutes | octoberjune.com