How to Use Instagram as a Microblogging Platform

Everyone has heard of blogging platforms, obviously. Generally speaking, people would say Wordpress, Blogger, and Squarespace are the main platforms that people use to write and publish blog posts. But lately there has been a trend towards using traditional social media as more of a blogging platform. It's being called microblogging, a term often applied to Tumblr blogs, and is generally a short-form way of sharing updates.

Typically speaking, you either have a blog or a microblog. You're either a full-on lifestyle blogger, for instance, or considered something like an "Instagram influencer." But lately I've seen more and more bloggers using both types of platform for maximum exposure.

So what is micro-blogging anyway?

Microblogging is using a social media site - in this case, Instagram - to share small updates and valuable content with your followers - much like a short-form blog post.

I've talked before about the importance of sharing original content on Instagram, as opposed to only sharing the same things you post to your blog. In this regard, I think turning more towards the idea of Instagram as a microblogging platform is excellent.

It allows you to focus on different areas that you might not be able to talk in-depth about on your niche blog. For instance, I mostly blog about blogging, branding, and creative business nowadays, but I still use my Instagram to share lifestyle updates, DIY projects, decor, recipes, etc. because I still love those things. In this way, I've begun thinking of Instagram more as my micro-blog than just another social media network.

Essentially, it's a better way to strategize content on Instagram, an area that many bloggers still struggle with. Here are some suggestions for ways to utilize this thought process into your Instagram strategy.

Share tips + tricks

Share bite-sized tidbits of information or tips related to that day's blog post to engage your audience further and to reach new viewers. You can easily create graphics or simply use the caption and comments of a similarly themed photo to convey the message (see examples below).

Add value

Just like anything you do with your blog, you want to be sure you're adding value to your readers and followers. You should never do something just for the sake of posting content, or worse, because you think it will be "trending" enough to get you noticed. These attempts are always transparent, and your audience will not think highly of them.

Create a tutorial

Depending on your niche, create a simple recipe, craft tutorial, or drink mixture to share on Instagram. It's the perfect visual type of content, and the hashtag system will ensure that it is seen by more viewers than ever. (For a list of effective hashtags, check out this post.)

Share behind the scenes moments

If you've shared a recipe or DIY tutorial on your blog, then post a photo to Instagram of you or your family or friends enjoying the end product. If you're a fashion blogger, share photos from behind the scenes of your photoshoots, or share "outtakes" that didn't quite make the cut on your blog.

Start a discussion

One of the best ways to engage your readers is to start a conversation on social media. Use Instagram to ask a question of your followers or to start a discussion in the comments, and be sure to respond to them as well!

What do you think of this form of Instagram?