How to Be a Social Media Rockstar

He (or she) who holds the keys to social media can rule the world. Ok, that may be a little dramatic, but it’s not far from wrong. Social media is a powerful tool that’s here to stay. Sure, the platforms may change, but the concept of social media? We’re stuck with it. Likely forever. So how do you make this work in your favor? How can you leverage social media to help your blog and business? By becoming a social media rockstar, naturally.

Now, when I say “rockstar” I don’t actually mean having 2.3 billion followers who fawn over you. I use the term rockstar to describe a person who has a lively, engaged social media following, because that’s the type of following that will benefit you and your blog or business the most. A following of 200 engaged people is way better than a following of 1,000 indifferent people. (Side note: this is why you should never ever under any circumstances buy followers.)

The path to social media rockstardom (that just happened) isn’t usually an overnight one because it relies on your building relationships with people, and those take time. However, if you start down that path today, you’ll reach your goals sooner than if you start two weeks from now. Ready to get started? Grab your copy of the Social Media Rockstar Workbook for help beefing up your social media profiles and reviewing your online presence.

Know your audience and post relevant content

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If you want to grow your following and truly succeed on social media, you need to have a clearly defined target audience. Trying to post all things for all people won’t interest anyone. (Funny how that works, isn’t it?) Ideally, your audience on social media should be the same audience for your blog or business. (Need help finding your ideal audience? Check out Lizzie’s post on the topic).

Once you’ve narrowed down your audience, determine what interests them and share, pin, or post things that align with their interests. Confused about what your audience likes? Use your blog or business as a starting point. Think about your niche and what topics you post about regularly. Check which of your blog posts or social media updates gets the most engagement. From there, branch out to related topics.

Do you blog about beauty? Try sharing content related to fashion as well. Are you a fitness guru? See how some posts about healthy recipes goes over. Keep track of what your audience likes and dislikes (or at least doesn’t care for). By sharing content that your audience finds interesting or helpful, you’re showing that you understand their needs. People like being understood, especially if the person who understands them is relatable, which brings me to my next point.

Show your awesome personality

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It’s hard to relate to someone who never offers a glimpse of their personality or their life. People like knowing the person behind the content, so don’t be afraid of sharing tidbits of information about yourself. You don’t have to post super personal information, but do let people know that you’re a real person.

How? For starters, don’t just post links on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Share what’s going on in your world or what you’re excited about. Have a favorite book? Let everyone know and then ask for their favorites (we’ll talk more about this later). On Instagram, you can show photos of your workspace or one of your latest unfinished projects to give people a behind-the-scenes look at your blog or business.

Just remember to be you. As cliche as it sounds, it’s an important aspect of social media success. People aren’t following you just for the awesome content that you share. They’re following you because they’re interested in you.

Reach out to your audience

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While sharing useful content with your audience is a great way to leverage social media, that’s not the only thing you should be doing. Social media is also about being…well, social. (Shocker, right?) It’s about connecting with people and forming new relationships online. Yes, it can be scary to take that plunge into this side of social media, but if you want to continue to grow your following and get more from social media, you need to start engaging with your audience. If your audience hasn’t engaged with you much, then it’s up to you to take those first steps. There are several ways you can do this:

Post a general question

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Questions like “What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?” or “Read any good books lately?” let you connect with your audience on a slightly personal but nonthreatening level. You’re asking them to tell you a little about themselves without getting into really personal details. In the public sphere, this tactic is best. You’d also be wise to avoid inflammatory topics like politics and religion.

Answer someone’s question

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If someone you follow asks a question, go ahead and answer. People like knowing that they’ve been heard, and it’s a little disappointing to see a question you posed go unanswered.  You never know, you may just find a new friend that way, or at least an online acquaintance who’s happy to stand in your corner and cheer for you.

Start a conversation with a specific user

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Did someone you follow post or share something that you can relate to? Let them know. All it takes is a simple “Me, too” or “That happened to me yesterday. I’m never eating sushi again” to start the ball rolling.  

Join a Twitter chat

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I can’t stop talking about how awesome Twitter chats are. If you haven’t joined one yet, you’re missing out on great connections and a fun time. They can be a little overwhelming at first, so I suggest you check out a few blog posts before you dive in (if you’re anything like me and love knowing what you’re getting into). I recommend How and Why to Join a Twitter Chat by Kayla Hollatz, host of the #createlounge chat.

Keep your social media profiles on brand

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Don’t confuse people by creating social media profiles that look and sound nothing like your blog or business. Part of what you’re creating for your audience is an experience, so it’s important to keep that experience consistent across all platforms. Admittedly, there are some platforms (like Pinterest) that don’t allow you to personalize your profile page very much.

However, you can bring that profile into line with your other ones by using the same profile picture and a similar bio description. You can also change your board covers to be on-brand. Need help evaluating your social media branding? Get your Social Media Rockstar workbook now.

Don't spam

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Spamming, defined as the constant or near-constant promotion of one’s services, products, blog posts, website, etc., isn’t ok. While spamming looks different on each social media platform, it’s always obvious when you do it. Spamming your followers is a great way to dry up your social media accounts and ensure that you earn a reputation as egotistical. If those aren’t your end goals for social media, I suggest you moderate the amount of self-promotion you do.

Instead of only posting about your products or blog posts, share other people’s content. Share updates about your blog or business, or share fun thoughts you have about life. Your followers understand that you’ll promote your own content and services. That’s a given, but no one wants to marketed to 24/7. You become a marketing robot, and there’s little motivation to interact with you.

It’s about people

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In your quest to become a social media rockstar, don’t forget that social media is about other people (and not you). It’s about connecting with them, forming new relationships, and helping them. To really reach rockstar status, you have to earn your audience’s trust, and that takes time. Instead of focusing on radical, overnight success and growth, look for constant growth that can be sustained. And don’t be shy about reaching out to your audience. Your new blog BFF could be a tweet away.

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