7 Pinterest Group Boards for Blog + Biz Babes

I'm sure you've heard by now the all-encompassing life changing power of Pinterest in re: your blog or creative business. Melyssa Griffin of the Nectar Collective has sworn up and down for years about how utilizing Pinterest correctly has transformed her website. Personally, Pinterest makes up nearly 60% of my monthly site traffic, which is MASSIVE. And one of the best ways to utilize Pinterest effectively is by joining and interacting with group boards. Group boards are just like any other Pinterest board, except they are a collaborative effort, with many different Pinterest users adding content. The best part about group boards is that, when you pin content to them (say, from your blog) then it's seen by a massive amount of followers and collaborators that may have never seen your content before. I've had multiple pins go viral thanks to group boards, which has resulted in huge spikes in traffic for my site.

There are several blogging and business related group boards out there, so I thought I'd round up my favorites today!

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1. Blog + Brand Group Board

Okay, not to toot my own horn, but this is the Pinterest group board that I started last year. It's got an amazing group of collaborators, and I'd love for you to join us! The board is all about blogging, branding, creative entrepreneurship, or anything else that would help your fellow blog babes! If you're interested in joining, follow the board and send me a message here.

Follow Lizzie | October June Creative's board Blog + Brand Group Board on Pinterest.

2. Girl Boss

This is a great board for all, well, Girl Boss related things. From the description: "For the women entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives, and overall Mavericks. If you are a girl boss, this board is for YOU my friend!"

Follow Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley 's board Girl Boss on Pinterest.

3. InfluenceHer Collective

This is the blogging network previously known as the Her Campus Blogger Network. They've recently rebranded as the InfluenceHer Collective, which I love! It's geared towards college aged women, but I don't think you have to be in college to be a part of the group. I'd highly recommend it - HCBN was the first blogging network I ever joined, back when they first started, and they've been a massive help. You can read more about it here

Follow Her Campus's board The InfluenceHer Collective on Pinterest.

4. Creative Bloggers & Biz Owners

It's all in the name - if you're a blogger or creative business owner, then this board is for you! Post tips, advice, blog posts, and info all about blogging, branding, social media, creative entrepreneurship, etc.

Follow Sadaf F K. | Design Bliss Feast's board Creative Bloggers & Biz Owners on Pinterest.

5. Blogging on Turbo Group Board

Another board all about tips and tutorials for bloggers and entrepreneurs. 

Follow Raelyn Tan | Turbo Blogging & Business's board Blogging on Turbo Group Board on Pinterest.

6. Social Media Marketing for Bloggers & Creative Entrepreneurs

Pins and posts pertaining to social media tips, tricks, and marketing skills for bloggers and creative entrepreneurs. Again, pretty straightforward.

Follow Jessica Adams ~ alegriasmuse's board Social Media Marketing for Bloggers & Creative Entrpreneurs on Pinterest.

7. Blogging Boost Official Board

Another great one from Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley, this one ties in with her awesome Facebook group for bloggers. Plus it has nearly 11,000 followers, which is a huge audience! Once again, any blogging tips, tutorials, articles, and posts will do here.

Follow Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley 's board Blogging Boost Official Board on Pinterest.

What are your favorite group Pinterest boards?