How to Grow Your Instagram with Effective Hashtags

Growing your Instagram followers isn’t as simple as creating beautiful images and then watching followers flock to your account. There are plenty of other pieces of the puzzle that fit together to make a solid Instagram growth strategy. Perhaps the biggest and most important of these puzzle pieces is hashtags. Are you ready to learn how to effectively use hashtags to grow your Instagram following? Let’s examine how to create a solid hashtag strategy.

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Use all 30 hashtags

Surely you’ve read the advice to only use a handful of hashtags, otherwise you’ll look “spammy.”

But here’s the thing: hashtags are the magic juice to get your account found by others.Take full advantage and use every single opportunity you can to get eyeballs on your images.

Go ahead and use all 30 of those hashtags!

However, there are a couple of guidelines to using all those hashtags - using relevant hashtags and putting them in the best location.

Use Only Relevant Hashtags

Be sure your hashtags are relevant.

Using irrelevant hashtags is actually what makes you look spammy. Have you ever been scrolling through a large hashtag such as #liveauthentic and encountered images promoting a diet product or a photo inviting you to go to a Snapchat account to see adult photos? Spam!

Yet if you were actually searching #diet, you’d expect to come across someone selling a diet product. In this instance, it doesn’t feel like spam at all.

Being spammy has nothing to do with the volume of hashtags, but everything to do with relevance of them.

Hashtag placement matters

Another factor that makes lots of hashtags feel spammy is the placement. 30 hashtags in the caption directly under a photo are distracting.

Your caption always remains visible to other Instagrammers.

But over time, as comments are left on your images, only the most recent comments will show. Once you start receiving comments, your hashtags will get buried within the comments and are no longer visible to the casual scroller.

Use Popular Hashtags (that Aren’t too Popular)

When figuring out which hashtags to use, find ones that aren’t too popular, but are popular enough. Wait, what?

Generic hashtags, such as #love or #pretty, are used extremely often. As a result, the lifespan of your post within that hashtag is very short lived. Within a few minutes, it will be way down the search results for that post.

On the other hand, use an obscure hashtag and few people will actually see your post. It will be high on the list of the search results, but if nobody is searching it, it really doesn’t matter.

Finding a right sized hashtag is a bit art and a bit science.

A good place to start is to look for hashtags with about 40,000 - 70,000 images in the search results.You can find the number of images within each hashtag will be displayed next to the hashtag search.

Hashtag Management

In order to streamline your hashtagging process, keep a list of the ones you use consistently.

The notes app on your phone is one option where you can store these hashtags for fast access. Another option is an app such as TagsForLikes, which allows you to create customized lists.

After you post a new image, all you have to do is copy your list and then paste it into the first comment. So much easier than typing out those 30 hashtags every time!

An Instagram growth strategy has many factors, but hashtags are a key ingredient. By using 30 relevant hashtags in the first comment of your images, your Instagram growth will explode!

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