Travel Journal // Seattle, WA


Last week, I made the 2,300 mile journey from Fremont, MI to Fremont, Seattle and it was everything I'd hoped it would be. It was my first time on the west coast, and it was absolutely gorgeous.


Some shots of (we think) Mount Rainier from the plane window coming into the SeaTac airport. We never actually confirmed that it was Rainier, but it was the biggest mountain in the right area so I'm making an educated guess here.


We took a ferry harbor cruise around Puget Sound and got an incredible view of the skyline from the water.


The Chihuly Garden & Glass exhibit was incredible, with massive fixtures of blown glass inside and out. It was right at the base of the Space Needle as well, which made for a cool view.


Some cool older buildings near Pioneer Square. I'm always a sucker for exposed brick and string lights.


Of course, no trip to Seattle is complete without visiting the Pike Place Market. I got to see the original Starbucks store, which as a 4-year veteran barista, was a must-see. I have to admit, it was a little disappointing though... it just looked like any old Starbucks on the corner. I thought they would have kept the facade the original way it had been when it opened in the 70s. Ah well.


This was the very cool cafe inside the KEXP studio space. There was a window where you could see the DJs working at the station and a small stage where they often hold live shows. Plus the coffee was incredible.


The Space Needle, close up.


Another view of the harbor tour from Puget Sound, with my trusty soy chai in hand. (Bonus fact: it was my free birthday drink.)


A delicious bourbon vanilla smash and fish & chips from a fancy seafood place in the Sound.


The Museum of Pop Culture, aka MoPop! The building is wild. And I loved every second of it. I didn't include many photos of the exhibits because they were dark, blurry and terribly composed since I was nearly vibrating with excitement and trying to dodge the massive amounts of people that came in to kill an afternoon and avoid the rain.


Here's my best and blurriest Amy Pond impression. I saw a Dalek (actually, it was Skaro, so THE OG Dalek – also I had no idea how big they were? it was much taller than me and kinda freaked me out), Luke's and Darth Vader's lightsabers, sand people, Greedo, Buffy's two favorite stakes and the Books of Ascension, Sirius Black's coat, tons of stuff from Lord of the Rings, Narnia, The Princess Bride, etc. It was basically freakin' nerd heaven, and I never wanted to leave.


A cheeky building. Still don't know if this was the name of the establishment or just a general statement.


A fun display in an incredible vintage mall we stopped in. I wanted to buy everything, but sadly, air travel greatly restricts the amount of antique chairs and rugs you can bring home.


We took an underground tour of the city – did you know that way back in the late 1800s, 33 blocks of Seattle burnt to the ground, so they just built over it. There are still storefronts and city sidewalks and all sorts of crazy stuff down there. Here's an old business sign.


We had some delicious Pho in Fremont, and I really really wish I had a Pho hookup here at home. Somehow, I doubt it.


And one last view of the skyline and massive ferris wheel from the harbor cruise.

All in all, it was one of the best vacations I've ever had. Also, our townhouse was gorgeous, something out of an HGTV special, and I never wanted to leave. I hope I can make it back to Seattle soon, because there's still so much left to explore.