10 Things Every Young Adult Should Have in Their Apartment

I'm preparing to move into my first post-grad "adult" apartment in a few months, so I've been thinking a bit about stuff that I need to buy and replace. Secondhand, torn up, mismatched furniture is all fine and good when you're in crappy student housing and eating ramen every night, but now that I've got a big kid job, I want to upgrade to higher quality pieces that will last me longer than my undergraduate career. So, I decided to share some items that I think everyone making the adjustment from college student to young professional should consider buying at some point in time.


Let's be honest - it's time to ditch your third-hand futon or cat-scratched old lady couch from the 80s. It's just time. If you have an apartment or space of your own, find a nice sofa or loveseat or whatever you want. Having a nice, comfortable, clean place to relax at the end of a long day at work is incredible. And large furniture pieces don't have to break the bank. Check out Wayfair or Overstock.com. Sure, they can get pricey, but there are plenty of great options that are less than $400.


Getting plenty of sleep is so incredibly important, and we're not getting any younger either. If you don't already have a nice solid mattress, it's time to make the investment. And it's another thing that sounds really pricey, but again, Overstock.com has some incredible full and queen sized memory foam options for less than $200.


A lot of these options have to do with sleep? I really love sleep. But seriously, I've been using some $3 pillows from Target since my freshman year of college, and the are sadly deflated. Not that they had much stuffing to begin with, really. It's time to upgrade. Casper has a really amazing line of pillows that are like two pillows in one, so they're soft and supportive. I really need to try them out.

Pots & Pans

If you ever cook at all, or think you might start (and really, you should, but that's a different post) you should think about investing in some nice pots and pans. I'm still using the whatever-my-mom-had-leftover-in-the-pantry set of mismatched, scorched, awful pots and pans, and I am SO READY for a new set. Amazon has tons and tons of options. I want this "agave blue" Rachael Ray set like nobody's business.


Every grown ass adult with a home or apartment of their own should have a basic toolbox set. That's one of many many lessons my dad taught me over the years, and he made sure to equip me with one when I moved into my apartment. Even though, most likely, maintenance will take care of issues in your apartment, it's always handy to have a hammer, wrench, screwdrivers, etc. around. You never know when you'll need to hang a picture or build an Ikea dresser or work on an ambitious DIY project. Amazon has a ton of "homeowner" tool sets like this one, and it's the perfect place to start.

First Aid Kit

Sometimes you get a blister from your new "professional" heels or slice your finger cutting up a mango or burn yourself cooking dinner, and then you'll really want a nice first aid kit with bandages, antibacterial cream and what have you. Find these at any drugstore or supermarket in the medicine section.


Past age 20, it's no longer cute to tote around your clothes and belongings in a mesh laundry basket and ratty backpack when you go home for the weekend. Eventually, you will want or need to travel somewhere, so investing in good luggage is always an option. I scored a really nice expandable wheeled suitcase for my Seattle trip for under $40 at TJ Maxx. Definitely check there first to save money - that same suitcase was $100 online!


This year for my birthday my mom got me a deluxe towel set and y'all they are LUXURIOUS. I've been using the same ratty Walmart-special towels since freshman year, and now I have some gorgeous fluffy towels that make me feel like an adult. Check out Bed Bath and Beyond or Overstock or, if you're feeling really bougie, Crate and Barrel or Anthropologie.


Ditch those jersey tee shirt sheets and invest in at least one nice set of sheets. You'll be snoozing peacefully in no time. And you might even remember to make your bed once in a while!


Up until about three months ago, my roommates and I were still using a blanket as our unofficial curtains. We'd put them up when we first moved in, a temporary fix for the glare on the tv screen, and we said we'd get curtains soon. And then soon turned into three years of me thinking "Ugh, I need to get real curtains" every time I walked into the living room and still being too broke or forgetful or lazy to actually do it. Over break I used my Target gift card from Christmas to buy a nice neutral set of curtains for the living room, and it's made all the difference. Long story short? Be an effective adult and buy the damn curtains already.

What are your apartment necessities?