5 Ways to Show Support if You Can't Participate in a #DayWithoutAWoman

If you haven't heard, the organizers of the now-historic Women's March on Washington have organized another mass-scale protest against the tyranny, bigotry and hatred of this dystopian hellscape current administration. The concept is a day without women (today!), or a nationwide strike of women from jobs of all varieties. It's certainly a powerful thought, and hopefully will be as successful as the previous efforts. However, it's a little bit privileged to assume that all women can just take work off for no reason. For many women, that is simply not an option; they either can't get time off, can't afford to lose out on a day's pay, or can't take time off from their daily lives.

The good news is, there are plenty of things you can do if you can't take the day off today in support of the strike!

1. Wear red

The organizers of the strike have asked that women across the country wear red in solidarity, even if you're not able to participate in the day off. It will send a powerful message of solidarity to others in your office, class, or general surroundings. Plus, everyone looks great in red.

2. Don't shop

In order to support the strike, the organizers have also asked that participants limit the amount of shopping they do, unless it's at local, minority- or female-owned businesses that support the cause. It's another way to send an economic message – since women account for 70% of the shopping done in the U.S.

3. Donate

If you have the extra cash and are able to, consider donating to a cause such as the Women's March, Planned Parenthood, or the ACLU. I wrote a blog post back in January about great progressive causes to donate to, if you want more options.

4. Support the women in your life

Above all else, make sure the women in your life know that you are with them, 100%. Post encouraging thoughts on social media, call or text your moms, aunts, sisters, friends or neighbors, basically spread the love. The only way we'll make progress is if we stand together.

5. Call your representatives

The best way to enact change as a citizen is to make your voice heard with your representatives. Remember, they work for the people, so if enough people ask them for something, they just might listen. Take a minute to find your representatives and senators with those sites, then give them a call, write a letter or shoot them an email letting them know what you think about their policies and procedures. Hold them accountable and work to make the voice of the people heard.

How will you resist?