Hard Times // A Playlist for April Showers

I really love making playlists, especially around a certain theme or month, but my problem is I listen to the same 100 songs, so it's hard for me to make a new and different playlist each month. Ha. But I did it, because this month actually has quite a bit of new and new-to-me tunes so, here we are. Also, Paramore, aka my favorite band of all time since I was 12, announced a new album next month and released a single, so that's why there's an overabundance of Paramore on this small playlist.

As far as April has gone for me, it's been a whirlwind. I'm packing up all my possessions and preparing to move to a new apartment next weekend. It's an interesting time, because I'm very ready to move in to a nicer place, but I've been living in my college apartment for three years now, so it's odd to think about that not being my home anymore.

Last weekend, I got to be press at our student run (but still a big deal) fashion show at the university, which Tim Gunn attended. That was mind-blowing, listening to him talk, because I used to watch Project Runway religiously back in the days when I thought I wanted to be a famous fashion designer, so it was awesome. And then, two days later, Laverne Cox was on campus for our speaker series, and my friend and I got third row seats to see her, which was incredible and surreal. She was so intelligent and well spoken and emotional and hilarious, I loved every second.

This weekend, I'm attending my boyfriend's college graduation and my one of my high school best friend's baby shower, so a lot of very adult-y things happening. And next weekend, I'll be at my best friend's college graduation Saturday morning, then moving to the new apartment on Sunday.

Like I said, a whirlwind.

I'm currently working on an exciting DIY project that should be up either tomorrow or Friday. I think it's going to be really awesome, so I can't wait to show it to you.

But anyways, I'll stop rambling and get to the music!

Hard Times // A Playlist for April Showers

Hard Times, Paramore // Liability, Lorde // Water Under the Bridge, Adele // Hey Girl, Lady Gaga and Florence Welch // Shape of You, Ed Sheeran // Heaven is a Place on Earth, Belinda Carlisle // Future, Paramore // Alive, Ira Wolf // Vagabond, Misterwives // Photograph, Ed Sheeran // Candles, Daughter // Daydreaming, Paramore // Ribs, Lorde // Chasing the Sun, Sara Bareilles // Boston, Augustana

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