6 Tips to Make Moving Less Painful

As I've mentioned at every possible juncture for the past several months, I recently moved into a new apartment. Now, moving is famously really fun and easy right? No. No it's not. I hate moving so much okay. But having just gone through this, I thought I'd share some tips that helped me not completely lose my mind during the process.

Be ruthless

Moving into a slightly smaller space meant I had to be incredibly ruthless when it came to paring down. Living in one place for nearly three years means you accumulate a lot of stuff that seems vital, but really isn't. Just remember that anything you keep, you have to pack up and lug around to a new place, then unpack it and find a spot for it. Do you really need to keep every single pair of socks you've had since you were 12? No.

Don't over-pack

When I went to the store to buy some boxes, I was mad that they only had medium sized ones in stock. The influx of college students leaving town meant supplies were scarce, so I begrudgingly hauled four of the flattened mid-sized boxes to my car and called it good. But funnily enough, once I started packing the boxes full, I could barely lift some of the more crammed ones. While squeezing as many items as physically possible into each box may seem like the smart thing to do, it will actually cause more misery in the long run. You may have difficulty loading or carrying the boxes, or they may break under pressure and ruin your family heirlooms. Yikes.

Label and group everything

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised how quickly things get jumbled around when you're moving. Especially if you're furnishing an entire house, you need to label each box, and try to group them together based on room or section of room. That way you can easily see where each box needs to go, which means less work for you in the long run.

Magic erasers are your friend

You'd be really surprised how scuffed up walls, cabinets, countertops, sinks and showers get after living somewhere for an extended period of time. Magic erasers are honestly your best friend, and they live up to their name. I haven't seen anything that a magic eraser can't remove. I bought a tub of 12 of them to clean the old apartment and it was the best investment I've made thus far.

Cover holes with chalk

If you, like me, ended up hanging a lot of stuff on your walls with thumbtacks or nails, despite what your lease may have stated about a "conservative amount of small holes in the walls" then you need to get some white chalk, stat. If you're not willing or able to spackle (and who is, really?) then scribbling over small holes with white chalk or a white wax crayon can minimize the appearance and make your walls look cleaner.

Use trash bags to pack clothes

This may sound trashy (get it?) but I discovered this trick a few moves ago, and have used it ever since. If you have a lot of clothes on hangers, instead of taking them off the hanger, folding them up, taking up precious box space, and having to re-hang them, just get a bunch of drawstring trash bags and bundle them up. I slip the trash bag over a bundle of maybe 20 items on hangers, with the opening facing down. Rip a small hole in the center of the bottom of the trash bag, slip the hanger hooks through, then tie the bottom so no clothes fall out. Then you can just hang the bundles in your new closet and rip the bags off. Easy peasy.

How do you making moving and packing easier?