Life Lately // Mini Apartment Tour

So if you didn't know, I recently moved into a new apartment! (I'm saying this sarcastically because I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it in every blog post and multiple social media posts in the past several months). I was really hoping I'd have a nice new DSLR camera to take these photos with, but as my new roommate Lauren is fond of saying, life comes at you fast. As in, I haven't had the chance to start saving up for my new camera yet because #adulthood.

So I wanted to share some small vignettes of my new place, and probably do a more in-depth apartment tour at some point in the future when I have a worthy camera to capture it all.

The ever-important record player station. There's a crate with all my records underneath - I'm starting to amass a much larger collection than I realized! Also, I ordered that brown hat online mostly to hang on my wall but also to try to wear, but it makes me look like a cross between Indiana Jones and the guy from Curious George. And not in a cute way.

My super peaceful and serene view from my bedroom window. It definitely beats staring out at a parking lot and another set of ugly student apartments. Plus we have a nice roomy balcony off the living room that I can't wait to hang out on this summer.

This was an incense burner I bought a couple years ago when I was trying to get into that. Turns out I really hate the smell of incense, but I really loved this little hanging burner, so I stuffed a (fake) succulent in it and called it a day.

A vignette of my DIY mid-century end table, which I'm still 100% in love with.

Our very cool living room, which I cannot take credit for at all, since it's all Lauren's stuff and was put together before I moved in. I love the shelves and the comfy couch.

A really blown out photo of my fairy-lights-bookshelves-gauzy-curtains situation.

This is clearly my favorite section of my room (and Scully's). I love how everything came together exactly as I'd envisioned it when I was buying things and reorganizing. This chair actually came from my old theatre company. It's actually not a great story, all their props got sold off without their permission or knowledge, so we're working with the city to rectify this, but I saw this chair, which was in a handful of plays during my tenure, including my senior year when we did Narnia (I was Lucy, and the chair was in Mr. Tumnus' house). So when I saw it for sale, while I was angry, I knew I would be heartbroken if anyone else bought it, so I snatched it up.

That's all for now! I wish the photos had turned out a bit better, but keep an eye on my Instagram for more sneak peeks. I'm not through decorating and re-arranging things yet anyways, so I'm sure it will change and grow from here.