10 Favorite Life + Style Youtubers

So who doesn't love a good Youtube haul or apartment tour video? I admit, I get a little obsessed with Youtube (well, okay, not the way I've seen some people get obsessed with Youtubers, yikes). Youtube is definitely something I have a mad respect for. Great videos fascinate me, but they're definitely something I haven't really conquered, or tried to conquer, yet.

But anyways, today I thought I'd share a handful of my favorite Youtubers to catch up on each week!

Kate La Vie

Kate is my absolute favorite vlogger/blogger at the moment. Her apartment is the most drool-worthy thing I've ever seen, and I'm pretty sure it's just all my Pinterest boards come to life. Her photos are always so beautiful and light and bright which is my favorite aesthetic. Plus her kitties are cute!

Simply Kenna

I'm equally fascinated by Kenna, who more often than not has bubblegum pink hair and looks like a fairy princess and is generally an aesthetic queen and also reminds me of Tonks from Harry Potter. High praise.

Hello October

I've been watching Suzy's videos for years now, and I just love her hauls and her daily vlogs. Something about her life just fascinates me, I don't know.


I mean, I can't not mention Zoe, the queen of Youtube, right? She's another one that just fascinates me. Her personality really amuses me, and I always love her makeup videos and lookbooks.

Marla Catherine

I recently found Marla's channel, and I think she's absolutely adorable and so funny. And I was shocked (maybe slightly horrified?) to find out that she's only 14. Seriously?! How is that fair? Do you know what I looked like at 14? No, because I destroyed all photographic evidence. Ugh. Anyways, I love her 70s inspired looks.


Madelynn's videos always look like mini Sofia Coppola films to me. Everything about them are so dreamy and perfectly embody that lazy California vibe. Plus she's so pretty, and her makeup videos are always on point.

There She Goes

I really love Anna's thrift hauls and her lookbooks. She just seems like one of those effortlessly cool girls that are fun to watch on Youtube but would intimidate me in real life. A healthy combo.

Jim Reno

I'm obsessed with Jim's videos, I think when I found her channel I spent the entire afternoon watching her entire list. A lot of them are in Spanish, but her visuals are so stunning, and she does the coolest special effects makeup videos. She's given me some serious Halloween inspiration!

The Sorry Girls

I'm not sure if Becky and Kelsey count as lifestyle Youtubers, but I'm gonna go ahead and say yes. I'm so obsessed with all of their incredible DIY projects, and I have half of them bookmarked to make someday. Seriously, if you need any DIY ideas, especially for fashion and decor, they're your girls.

Lex Croucher

I'm convinced that Lex is one of the most casually funny people I've ever seen. She does a lot of lifestyle stuff now (and I think she's super pretty too?) but if you have time, scroll back a couple years into her archive... her old comedy videos are so hilarious, I've watched a few of them like 10 times I think. Plus I really admire her devotion to Harry Potter.

Who are your favorite Youtubers?