ColourPop Haul and First Impressions

So I've been hearing a lot about ColourPop lately, and finally snagged some favorites to try out. I was so pleasantly surprised to see how inexpensive they were, which is why I got a ton of it – but I got all of this stuff for $30! To put it in perspective, that was the same price as a single eyeshadow palette I was eyeing from Tarte. (which yes I will probably still get but that's not the point here). I am already super in love with this brand because they're cheap, cruelty free, and I've been BLOWN AWAY by the quality of the items I bought. (I would like to say that this is not sponsored in any way, shape, or form, I'm just a big fan).

So, here's what I got:



I'm obsessed with all the lip products I got. The Blotted Lip is like, the actual exact perfect thing that I've been searching for all these years and didn't even know it. It's got a good pigment to it, it's super buildable, and it gives you that subtle stained look. It's not waxy at all and it seems really moisturizing. I will probably be buying more shades.

The Lippie Stix was actually a free gift for spending $25, which was awesome and unexpected. Also I thought it would be tiny, since it was free, but it's the full size version, which is awesome. It's a very similar color to the Blotted Lip, but much more pigmented. It's like a nice cinnamon brown-y reddish color, which is basically my go-to color, but especially great for fall.

And then there's the Ultra Matte Lip. Yes, that is black lipstick folks. I mostly bought it because I needed one more item to get me to free shipping, and because I've been wanting to get a black lipstick just basically for the sake of having it. Mostly for moody Instagrams and Halloween purposes, I won't lie. I tried it a little bit, and I do really love the matte formula, it's really silky and smooth, so I will probably be getting some actually wearable colors in this formula too.



First thoughts on the eyeshadow are that I need to get about 10 more because the palette was much bigger than expected and looks kind of sad and silly with just two in them. But fear not, that will inevitably happen soon.

I really like the shadow formula, it's super blendable, really long lasting, and I haven't noticed too much creasing. The colors were both a lot pinker and more pigmented than I expected, but that's more on me than anything. I'm really excited to get some more shades (they have TONS) and build my own perfect little eyeshadow palette.


Also, not pictured here but I got their brow pencil kind of by accident (like I added it to my cart to save for a minute because I had 20 tabs open to various products and then forgot and purchased it) but it was a very happy accident indeed. So far, I haven't been able to find a brow product that I like better than my good old fashioned matte eye shadow and angled brush, but this is it. It's buildable, not waxy, and really easy to control. A+++ in my book.

And here's an obligatory photo of my eyebrows and lips (and the rest of my face, and my arm for some reason, idk why I did that pose, I hadn't had coffee yet).


Have you tried ColourPop?