Life Lately // Summer 2017 Favorites

Well hello there! It's been a hot second, hasn't it? Full disclosure: I've been distracted by my new Instagram account. More on that in a minute. Otherwise, I've just been hanging out, reading lots of books, and enjoying my new place. Also it's finally gotten incredibly hot and summery and I, for one, don't appreciate it. But air conditioning exists so it can be sweater weather all year round, right?

So without further ado, I thought I'd share a few of the things I'm enjoying as we make our way into the summer months of 2017.


I created a book-related (commonly referred to as bookstagram) account because I was getting a little burnt out with my bright, white feed and the exhaustion that came with every Instagram post. The algorithm was annoying me, as was the weird sort of pressure I put on myself to get everything perfect. I had run out of steam and inspiration for the feed, so I decided to create a new one where I could play around a little bit more with a different kind of theme.

Check it out here if you want!

Wick and Fable Candles

I'd been hearing about these all over Instagram as well, and I finally took the plunge and bought the Stars Hollow themed one. It smells like everything truly good in this world – namely, falling leaves, crisp apples, and warm spices. Basically, it's everything I've ever imagined Stars Hollow would smell like at any given time. (Except that one time, with the pickles).

They have a ton of amazing book and other fandom-themed scents to choose from. Try it out, and get $5 off your first order if you use my link!

Glossier Cloud Paint Blush

I bought the Glossier Cloud Paint cream blush in Puff on a whim because I'd been seeing it everywhere on Instagram (apparently I buy a lot of things I see on Instagram? I'm a social media marketer's dream). I have to admit, it's a lot smaller than I expected based on what I'd seen and what I paid for it. But a little goes a very long way, so I still expect it will last me quite a good long while. I really love it, it's super light and blendable and doesn't make me look super flushed and crazy. Plus it's just so photogenic.

The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu

I mean, is there anyone left who isn't watching this? If there are, tell them to watch it. I read the book not too long ago, in preparation for the Hulu series, and I've been blown away. My roommate and I watch it after work every Wednesday, and I'm really sad that this week is the season finale. Because now what am I going to do on Wednesdays?

Vintage Denim

It's soft, it's the perfect canvas for enamel pins, and it goes with everything. What isn't there to love?

90s Strappy Sandals

I bought these at Walmart of all places, and I am completely in love with them. They look so 90s (which yes, is a good thing in my book) and they go with everything. Plus they're shockingly comfortable thanks to the chunky, short heel. I wear them to work like 75% of the time now, and I've never had a blister or any issues with them.

"After Laughter" by Paramore

My favorite band since I was 12 years old finally released a new album, and it's so freakin' good. I love it. Very 80s synth pop sounding, plus super pessimistic, which speaks to the widespread millennial ennui we're all dealing with. And I got tickets to see them for the second time in September, so go me. Listen to it on Spotify here.