Color Crush: Mustard Yellow

If you've seen my Instagram feed at all lately, you'll know that I've been super obsessed with the color most often referred to as mustard yellow. (Although, if you ask me, it's more like golden rod, because mustard is fluorescent yellow, but oh well). The color has slowly but surely been overtaking my wardrobe and home decor, so I wanted to share three different ways to wear this autumnal shade.

Date Night

I got this dress for a wedding I went to earlier this month, and it's really lovely. Although, even though it's a petite dress (supposedly) it was way too long and a bit large on me, so make sure you're paying attention to measurements when you're ordering online. Oops.

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Lazy Sunday

I have been absolutely living in this Boohoo sweater lately. It's so cozy and is the perfect chunky/oversized fit for fall. I've been lucky that the weather has been kind of chilly lately, so I've been able to wear it more than I normally would in late August.

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This top was one of those purchases where you're not really sure it's your style, but it's so pretty that you're willing to take a chance on it. I really love it though, it's been such an easy summer top, and it's surprisingly versatile.

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