Interiors // Record Player Nook

Last week my roommate moved out, which means I now have the whole apartment to myself. It's been super fun rearranging and redecorating everything, but it's definitely been a long process.

I'm hoping to do a full apartment tour once I get everything settled, but for now I wanted to share one of my favorite little spaces – my record player nook.

I got this record player secondhand from my aunt and uncle, but it still works great and I love it. I think my favorite part of the whole thing is this gold velvet pillow from Urban Outfitters. I'd been lusting after it for years and finally found it on sale and decided I could justify the cost. It's soooo comfy and soft and I'm obsessed with it.

On top of that, I really love the little crescent moon planter too. I've really been hitting the Urban Outfitters home section hard lately, oops.

I love this little corner of my home (and so does the cat, I had to kick her out of my photo shoot multiple times). I'm also really keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep this plant alive. I don't have a super good track record.

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