How to Balance Blogging with a Full Time Job

So it seems like there's been a definite rise in "side hustle culture" the past couple years. What started out as a seemingly niche idea has now turned almost mainstream. And maybe I'm just in a bubble of bloggers and creative entrepreneurs, but it seems like everyone you talk to has some sort of side hustle. And frankly, I think that's awesome. Especially because a large majority of the people I see creating their own websites or businesses are women, and they're kicking ass and taking names. #girlpower

But I know from experience that balancing a blog or side hustle or solo biz alongside a full time job (or full-time school) can be exhausting and completely overwhelming.

So in order to avoid that burnout and keep everything running smoothly, I thought I'd share my tips for balancing your blog or biz with your full time job.

Stay organized

I mean, this seems like a no-brainer, but if you're anything like me, you know that it can be hard to stick to any sort of organizational or time management system. My best advice is to find a combination of tools and tactics that work for you.

I'm inherently a forgetful procrastinator with terrible time management skills and I know this about myself. At my job, I'm able to suck it up and be better organized and get things done, but that resolve can sometimes start to slide with my own blog or biz.

So I've found that a combination of note taking or project management apps like Google Keep, Evernote, and Asana along with writing things down in a physical journal or planner works best for me. It's like a multi-pronged approach so I don't risk forgetting or ignoring important things.

Protect your free time

The fastest way to burnout is to use all your free time doing blog or business stuff. While having a full time job and a side hustle brings some unique challenges - like the fact that, yes, you'll have to work on stuff during your off hours, like nights and weekends - it's important to carve out some free time for yourself.

I know that sometimes blogging and social media, even as a hobby, can feel like a full-time, 24/7 thing, since you're always thinking about what you can write about or post or take photos of. But you've got to be able to turn off your brain and relax too, or risk losing yourself completely in your blog/job/biz loop.

Make time each day to read a book, watch a movie, catch up with friends, take a bath, whatever brings you joy and helps you relax. You will feel so much more calm and sane afterwards, even if everything else seems like it's on fire. (it's not, I promise).

Be realistic

It may seem tempting to want to share a new blog post every single day, or take on just one more client, but you have to be realistic with your goals and the amount of time you can give to these projects. If you push yourself towards unrealistic goals, you're just going to get burnt out faster and become unhappy with both your personal and professional life. And if your side hustle is a service based business, you're just going to provide a worse experience for your customers or clients as well.

Sit down and really take stock of your available time and how long it will realistically take you to do all the tasks. Writing blog posts, taking photos, scheduling and posting to social media, conversing with clients, actually doing client work, etc. It all takes a ton of time. Schedule things out (including personal time and family time) and don't overwhelm yourself.

Find a community

Listen, the best thing you can do for your sanity as a blogger or creative entrepreneur is to find a community of likeminded individuals. Whether that's a Facebook group, an Instagram community, or just following similar people on social media, surrounding yourself with people who Get It is incredible.

Because you can explain what you do all you want to your coworkers or friends, and if they're supportive, that's super awesome, but it's important to connect with other people out there in the trenches to bounce ideas off of, collaborate with, or even just commiserate with.

Ask for help

Blogging and being a creative entrepreneur are massive learning curves - and like everything else in life, I firmly believe that education never really ends.

I would definitely encourage you to stay up to date with relevant blogs and websites, learn from peers and industry leaders, take courses, and get advice from your blog besties. The world of blogging and social media is ever-evolving, so continued education is never a bad thing.

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