6 Podcasts to Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever


I have tried many times over the past few years to get into podcasts, but could never find the right time or environment. Luckily, with a new job and a much longer commute, I think I've finally found the perfect time to start listening to podcasts. 

And let me tell you, I've found TONS of great ones. My favorite genre is the inspirational/life advice/creativity kind, of which there seems to be an abundance. So I thought I'd share some new favorites that I've discovered.

The Bustle Huddle

I pretty much love everything Bustle does, so when I found out they had a brand new podcast all about that general millennial life, I was obsessed. They only have a few episodes out so far, but I binged them all at work on Wednesday.

Required Listening: What Does It Take to Be a Witch?

Self Service

From the masterminds at Girlboss comes a fab podcast all about self love and self care. Equal parts logical and woo-woo, it features health and wellness tips from an actual doctor, as well as spiritual advice from an astrologer. 

Required Listening: Self-Love Don't Cost a Thing

Magic Lessons

I will gladly worship at the altar of all things Elizabeth Gilbert and Big Magic, so when I found out she had a podcast based around her smash book on creativity I was overjoyed. Each episode she chats with someone struggling creatively (or otherwise) in their life, pushing them to live and create fearlessly and embrace the "big magic" her book is all about.

Required Listening: Ep. 209 "Show Up Before You're Ready" featuring Glennon Doyle Melton

Girlboss Radio

I know there seem to be a lot of polarizing opinions about Girlboss and founder Sophia Amaruso but, taken with a grain of salt, her podcast is still pretty great. She interviews influential women in a variety of fields for each episode, and tons of big names (like Sarah Jessica Parker and Gwyneth Paltrow) make appearances to discuss life, business and creativity. 

Required Listening: Rupi Kaur – Poet, Artist and Performer

The Goal Digger Podcast

Another new find, Goal Digger is all about business, productivity and living a creative lifestyle. The host, Jenna Kutcher, is a self-made uber-successful creative entrepreneur who shares tons of inspirational life and business tips.

Required Listening: 125: 5 Lessons I've Learned from Joanna Gaines (because I really really love Joanna Gaines okay)

That's So Retrograde

It's the perfect mix of hilarity, millennial life advice, and astrology. Honestly what more could you ask for?

Required Listening: Magical Sabbatical (guest: The Sage Goddess)