A New Chapter

asb brand philosophy.png

You may have noticed that things suddenly look a bit different around here. 

If you've been following along on Instagram, you'll know that I recently announced I would be changing the name and rebranding my blog. October June is officially no more. 

I've been known as "October June" online for the past nearly-five years, and I really did (and still do!) love the name. However, I've been feeling that chafing itch recently that means you're beginning to outgrow something. 

As I continue to grow and evolve in my life and blog and business, October June no longer felt like me. To be honest, it was never all that personal. In 2013, I was fed up trying to find a name for my blog, and on a whim tossed out my two favorite month names. I liked how it sounded mysterious and poetic and it was available, so I went for it. 

However, it doesn't really say anything about me or about the type of content I want to produce. It felt stagnant. 

So I quietly started brainstorming. I knew I wanted a new name, but once again felt the frustration that everything I could possibly think of was already taken. I knew I didn't want to rush into anything trivial again, lest I find myself back in the same position in five years. 

I waited and I brainstormed and I Pinterest-ed and I sketched and still nothing. I made lists of words and symbols and concepts that were important to me. I made moodboards and picked color swatches and thought through content strategies.

And then one day, it hit me out of nowhere. I was scrolling through Pinterest at work, doing something totally unrelated when I found something - I don't even remember what it was - that sparked a thought that sparked this phrase. I typed it into the domain search and lo and behold, it was available there and on Instagram.

And so, & She's Brave was born.

Funnily enough, I think it still sounds mysterious and poetic, though perhaps in a different way than October June did. It feels much more deeply personal, in a universally relatable way. If that's possible. 

To backtrack a little, I've always been obsessed with the concept of bravery. I personally blame Harry Potter. As a tiny little six year old, reading the books for the first time, I was so enamored with Gryffindor and the values of courage and chivalry. 

"Brave enough" became my personal mantra as I grew up and dealt with both the regular heartbreaks of human nature and the sometimes-crippling depression and anxiety that plagued my adolescence and early adulthood.

Brave enough, always, as I learned that in the real world, courage isn't really about slaying monsters or saving the universe, but more often looked like getting out of bed day after day, or working my way through college or taking the risk and moving to a new city. 

All of this is to say that it feels like a natural fit. 

I intend this blog to continue being a celebration and a how-to guide for living a creative life, being a messy twenty-something, and finding that courage inside each and every person. 

Thank you all so much for sticking with me through everything. I can't wait to see where this new adventure takes us.