30 Things to Post on Instagram When You're Out of Ideas

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One of the most vital, important things you can do to continuously grow an authentic, engaged following on Instagram is by posting consistent, interesting and insightful content. Most social media experts recommend bloggers, brands, businesses and content creators should strive to post at least once every single day to their Instagram feed.

But seriously, who the heck can come up with endless ideas every single day? And not just ideas - but creative, engaging, authentic content that will resonate with your audience? It’s a full time job in and of itself.

If you’re feeling a bit stuck with your content calendar, this is the post for you! Below are 30 post ideas that will help you think more deeply about your content, and really engage with your audience.

  1. Introduce yourself to your followers. Tell them who you are, what you do, who you help, some fun facts about you - your star sign, your MBTI type, your favorite TV show, etc. Then invite your followers to introduce themselves in the comments. Follow up with them and respond to comments.

  2. What is the first job you ever had? What lessons did you learn that you still carry with you today?

  3. Which three fictional characters do you feel make up your personality? Share yours and have your followers comment on what theirs would be.

  4. Share the very first example of whatever it is you do now. I.e. if you’re a web designer, share the first website you ever designed. If you’re an artist, share one of your very first drawings or paintings. Then talk about how much you’ve learned and grown since then.

  5. Recreate a childhood photo and share in the caption what advice you’d give your younger self. Share the two photos side by side or as a carousel post.

  6. Create a branded graphic that explains your services and how you can be hired - sometimes it pays to really spell it out for people!

  7. Ask your followers to tag their other favorite accounts in the comments of your post. You can find some great new accounts to follow, and more people will be seeing your post when they get tagged.

  8. What weird hidden talent do you have that no one would guess?

  9. Who is one person you would absolutely love to work with in your business? Could be a dream client, someone you would love to interview for your blog or podcast, etc. 

  10. What’s your Meyers-Briggs personality type? Do you feel it’s accurate? If you don’t know, go to 16personalities.com and take the test - it’s fun and super insightful!

  11. What would be the name of your memoir or biography?

  12. Pay attention to what people ask you about the most, and make a post answering or addressing that question. 

  13. What song should be your own personal theme song?

  14. Tell us the story behind your brand, business or blog name. What does it mean and why did you choose it? What does it say about you or your business?

  15. What are some common myths or misconceptions about where you work or what you do? Clear them up in your post.

  16. What’s a mundane, everyday activity that feels weirdly magical to you? For me, it’s grabbing coffee at a coffee shop. I can’t explain it, I just love it!

  17. Do something you’ve always wanted to do, but were too scared to try, and document the journey. Dye your hair pink. Go skydiving. Get a spontaneous tattoo. Life is short, don’t let yours be ruled by fear.

  18. What is the dumbest thing you ever spent money on? For me, my lowest point was spending actual money on that Kim Kardashian iPhone game in like 2015. I don’t even like Kim Kardashian! It was just a weirdly addicting game and I wanted to level up!

  19. List three things that were really good about your day, week or month. It’s so easy to get caught up complaining about all the negative things that we lose sight of what’s actually going right.

  20. Share the very first photo you posted on Instagram and tell us the story behind it. And be sure to tell us what awful Instagram filter you used. #noshame

  21. What causes are close to your heart? What do you feel strongly about? Advocate and educate your followers.

  22. What unique topic or subject could you answer questions about? Use the “Questions” Story feature to have your followers ask, then share them in your story. For example: I was a Starbucks barista for four years. Not too long ago, I mentioned that in my story then said “Ask me your burning Starbucks questions.” and I got SO MANY responses.

  23. Feeling brave? Share the last five things in your Google search history. No cheating!

  24. Ask your followers to tell you which Friends character they relate to the most. Trust me, everyone has an opinion. I did this once and it was my most commented on post ever.

  25. What’s the story behind your name? Picked out of a baby book on the way to the hospital, named after a celebrity or long lost relative?

  26. Describe what a day in your ideal dream life would look like. What steps can you take to make your day to day life look more like it?

  27. Do a side by side comparison of what you posted to Instagram vs. what was really going on. Come on, you know you’re guilty of it too.

  28. Share a selfie and say five things you love about yourself. Instagram is way too full of people tearing themselves (and others) down all too often. Show yourself some love.

  29. Switch Instagram accounts with your best friend (or coworker, fellow blogger or other business owner) for the day! 

  30. What is a song that will always bring back strong memories, and what’s the story behind it?

All of these prompts are from my new 365 Instagram Prompts Workbook - which, as the name suggests, is chock full of funny, imaginative, creative and engaging post ideas for every single day of the year. Plus they can be reused as blog posts, Youtube videos, email newsletters, or whatever else you need them for!