001 - Say Yes and Figure it Out Afterward


Oh wow, HEY GUYS.

So a while back I had this idea and it would not leave me alone... so here we are. Welcome to the very first episode of The Brave Creative (formerly the Brave Girl Club) podcast. I'm so so so excited to see where this journey takes us and I can't wait to connect with you all. 

I want The Brave Creative to be like a virtual slumber party for all you badass babes who want to make their dreams come true - no matter what that looks like to you. This podcast will be filled with my stories, inspiration, interviews with other kickass female creatives, and actionable advice to help you start growing your blog, brand, business or whatever it is you want to do.

In this inaugural episode, I'm sharing a bit more about myself and my story along with some great advice that has served me well in life so far - say yes & figure it out afterward.

I'm chatting about how starting a blog one night in my college dorm has utterly changed the trajectory of my life and career, how I work  to overcome fear of failure, and why I think you should stop making excuses and just do the damn thing already.

You can tune in to new episodes here each Wednesday - don't miss next week when we're chatting about how to build an authentic and engaged following on Instagram.

I hope to get this up on iTunes ASAP. To stay up to date, follow along on Instagram and join the conversation in our amazing Facebook community here.

Until next week, brave girls!