Print on Demand Survey

Hi there! Thanks so much for helping me make my Print on Demand course as helpful as humanly possible! Below are a handful of questions about your knowledge, experience and struggles with running a Print on Demand product shop. Answer them as thoroughly as you see fit! Plus once you submit the survey, you’ll receive a code to download my 26-page Instagram Content Prompts Workbook totally FREE as a big ol’ thank you!

i.e. are you a blogger, content creator, graphic designer, social media manager, etc.?
What stage are you at in your business journey?
Do you currently have a product shop? *
Have you heard of the Print on Demand process before? *
If yes, have you started or considered starting a Print on Demand shop?
Would you consider investing in an online course that would outline how to start and run a Print on Demand product shop, and how you could scale it to be successful in the background? *