Brave Girl Club Brand Identity & Website


This was a brand overhaul for my lifestyle and apparel shop Brave Girl Club. When I first started the brand a few months prior, I had no idea how much or how quickly it would grow. At the time I slapped together a quick wordmark and color palette based on my blog branding and called it a day. As Brave Girl Club grew and evolved and I began to carve out a unique aesthetic and angle, I realized that the current branding no longer reflected the shop or where I wanted to take it.

The current branding was girly, pink and red and very bold. While I did love it, it just didn’t fit with my new vision. I wanted Brave Girl Club to be more earthy, woodsy, adventurous and vintage inspired. I found the gorgeous Forest Camp font first and from there everything fell into place. I hand illustrated the little pennant as part of the main logo mark and fell completely in love.

The color palette was leftover from & She’s Brave, because try as I might I cannot let go of that gorgeous goldenrod color. I kept a hint of the old pink color in the footer because I happen to love it and think it goes well with the mustard - plus the site felt too heavy with a dark footer. With new imagery and new products, the site came together beautifully, and I’m so happy with the result!

Brand Identity

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Website Design

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