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+ Getting around Squarespace's back end.

Once you sign into your Squarespace account on your website, you will see a sidebar on the left hand side with everything you need to navigate your site and settings. The main panels you will use are "Design" and "Pages" - the Pages tab will include all linked and unlinked pages on your website, and you will be able to edit them, add or delete pages or rearrange the hierarchy.

For more specific information and step-by-step video tutorials on navigating the back end, click here. For info on how to add, delete or edit pages, click here. Your site uses the Brine template, which includes something called Index Pages. This is what the front page of your website is, which allows it to have the full width background image. For more info on how to change that image or otherwise edit an index page, click here.

+ Connecting Paypal or Stripe to accept payments.

To accept payments from your clients, you will need to connect Paypal and/or Stripe, then connect your bank account to receive the payments. You have the option to use one or both of the services. Paypal is incredibly popular and most likely your clients won't have an issue using it. If for you also want to accept credit cards or Apple Pay you can set up a Stripe account. To learn how to connect or setup a Paypal account, click here. For information on creating and connecting a Stripe account, click here.

If you need to edit or rearrange the links that appear in your site's navigation bar at the top of your page, click here.

+ Creating a blog post.

Creating and editing blog posts in Squarespace is very similar to creating or editing regular pages. When you're ready to create a post, navigate to the Blog page in the Pages panel of your Squarespace sidebar. Click the + sign to add a new post, or click the name of a post you want to edit and click "Edit." From there, you will be able to write the post, add any photos or other media, and publish or save the post as a draft. For more information about creating or editing blog posts, click here.

+ Connecting a social media account.

If in the future you wish to add more social media links to your website, you must first connect them in your Settings panel. Click here for information on how to do that. To display the social media icons on your site, you will need to add a Social Icons block somewhere on your page. (Note: there is currently one in your site's footer where the email icon is. If you add any new accounts, they should automatically show up next to the email icon.) If you want to add the links or icons anywhere else in your site, follow these instructions.

+ Adding a new testimonial to your site.

The testimonials are set up as a separate blog page (titled: Testimonials). In the backend, navigate to Pages and then scroll down to the Unlinked section and click on Testimonials. You will see what looks like several blank blog posts. I'd suggest you click on one, click edit, then click Duplicate. It will then make a copy of that testimonial.

Click on the "Options" tab up at the top of the "Edit Post" box. There you will see the actual testimonial in the "Excerpt" box. Paste your new testimonial in its place. Make sure the name is formatted as Heading 3 in the text edit box. Then click "Save and Publish" and it will be live. New testimonials will automatically be added to all the sliders on your site. If you want to alter the order of the testimonials as they appear in the sliders, you can change the "Published" date on the blog post by clicking edit, then clicking the date and time it was published and changing it accordingly.

(For instance: if you publish a new testimonial, but want it to appear last in the slider, then edit the published date to be earlier than all the other blog posts).

+ Accepting and fulfilling orders.

All of your current open orders will appear in your "Orders" tab in the backend of your site. Visit this page to get info on anything and everything you might need to know about orders and commerce on Squarespace.