Website Support Services

Website Support Services

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Launched your shiny new website but feeling overwhelmed or just don’t want to deal with the maintenance and upkeep? I feel you girl!

Let me help take it off your hands. Purchase a prepaid monthly support package and I’ll handle whatever you need updated, changed or maintained so you can get back to being your best creative self.

Services I Can Help With:

  • Updating web page copy

  • Updating banner photos

  • Updating and formatting product pages

  • Updating site themes and plugins (Wordpress)

  • Updating or creating navigation

  • Updating or creating product collections (Shopify)

  • Troubleshooting and bug fixes related to website functionality

  • Etc. (something not listed? just ask if it’s covered!)

Support Does Not Cover:

  • Website re-design or re-configuration beyond fixing a problem

  • Creating content like blog posts, or writing website copy

  • Analytics, SEO or social media (beyond integrating them with the site)

  • Shipping or order fulfillment or customer service

  • Extra design collateral or changes

Please note: support service packages cover up to 5 hours of support per month. If you find you’re needing more help, let’s chat about options.

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